Hydration with a Mission


Our children are our future! Aura Rainwater is committed to educational workshops and programs that highlight the importance of rainwater, hydration, and the environment. Contact us for information on our Water Day Program.


Clean water should not be a privilege. Aura Rainwater works to make this ideal a reality.  Reach out for details on how we serve our community and aid during disaster recovery.


We are all about local, as well as global, environmental impact! Aura Rainwater supports the protection of watersheds, aquifers and all natural water resources. Have a conservation intiative or program? We’d love to support you!

Disaster Relief

Providing clean water for disaster relief and recovery is our passion. We can supply up to 120 pallets per day of emergency water in various configurations.


We clean and refill reusable 5 gallon containers and will collect your single-use bottles and recycle them for you to minimize environmental impact.